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This is the wiki for the web serial Dark Hearts, written by Tiana Hearts and updated every Friday. The story is available here:

The series is based mostly on the events of the sessions of Girl By Moonlight (hence why each arc is called a session), however some events have been dramatized, created, or added to for the sake of the story, as well as writing from a first-person view. All character deaths and major events come from the gameplay. If any character, even Rachel, dies in play, I will not be fudging the story to keep them alive. The series follows a group of young heroes fighting back against an oppressive and secretive government regime which has outlawed unsanctioned use of powers. People with powers in this universe are called spirit-touched, mortals who were given gifts by powerful benefactors in the spirit world. They can call on these powers and transcend into a superhuman state for a limited amount of time. When their powers have been pushed to their limits, they need to return to a mundane state while their powers recharge.

The protagonist of Dark Hearts is Rachel, a girl who is touched by an ancient fire deity, called The Cinder.

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    New page: Sarah (she/her) is the Senior class president at Archduke Valentin’s Boarding School. She is a resident assistant in the Freshman dorms and an...
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    New page: Chimera (she/her) was the second hero to join with Phoenix and Dragon. She seemingly came out of nowhere, just appearing in Oru one day. Despite her...
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